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Skin Deep Pharmaceuticals

After doing exhaustive research on an extensive list of product lines, Mary has carefully chosen to work with Skin Deep Pharmacuticals. Starting with the right products is essential for seeing good results. Skin care lines in department stores do not have a high percentage of active ingredients. They contain fillers, fragrances and other ingredients that may make the product last long and smell good, but typically DON'T do what they claim to do for your skin. Mary recommends products that are oragnic and pharmaceutical grade, that not only give results but are GOOD for your skin.


Pharamecutical grade skin care products are regulated by the FDA, which requires that the products grade 99.9% pure ingredients. Products must contain 0.1% or less of bacteria. Only 5% of the skin care industry is under the regulation established by the FDA and considered pharmaceutical grade skin care products.


When choosing Sking Deep, Mary considered the following:


  • Skin Deep is pharmaceutically manufactured

  • Skin Deep is NOT an over the counter product

  • Performance is based on science and clinical studies

  • pH levels are listed on all product labesl and optimized for skin

  • Products are paraben free

  • Skin Deep is packaged in recylced amber bottles with a pump, no jars, which is better for the environment, and poses less risk of contamination

  • Skin Deep is a purified water based product, not silicone based. Silicone and other fillers feel nice and silky, but they do not allow active ingredients to penetrate the skin

  • Skin Deep products are "cold water processed" not heat processed

  • Skin Deep products work in harmony to produce better results

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